State and Company School Bus Driver Requirements. 

(Nothing below supersedes state or federal laws.)

Please understand that these restrictions are not personal against you.  They are there because the safety of our children is the most important thing we do.

Licensing Requirements:  Hold a valid Massachusetts driver's license for the last 3 consecutive years, OR, you must provide a motor vehicle and criminal record report for the last 3 consecutive years in the state in which you formally resided.

Physical Ability:  You must be able to demonstrate your ability to enter and exit a school bus by both the front, rear, and side doors.  You must be able to apply the service brake and hand brake while wearing a seat belt.  You must be able to bend over and look under the bus.

Disqualifications: (1) any conviction for any sex-related, child-related or substance abuse crimes; (2) any drug test refusal; (3) any alcohol related traffic offenses in past 15 years; (4) two or more chargeable traffic accidents in the past 36 months; (5) conviction of 3 or more non-moving motor vehicle violations in past 12 months (excludes parking tickets); (6) conviction of 2 or more moving violations within 12 of the last 24 months or 3 convictions in the last 36 months; (7) conviction of a criminal motor vehicle offense (eg., reckless driving) in the past 36 months.

Medical Standards: Diabetes (never have had a hypoglycemic episode and must not be insulin dependant). Vision (120 degree peripheral field of vision.  Vision correctable to 20/40.  Able to distinguish red, green and yellow.)  Cardiovascular (No implanted defibrillator.  No class 3 or 4 heart disease.)  Respiratory (Oxygen saturation level 88% or above.)  Epilepsy (cannot drive a school bus).  Loss of Limb (must have and be able to use both feet, legs, hands and arms)  Disease (No contagious or communicalbe disease.  No mental, nervous, organic or functional disease that would interfere with safe driving)  Hearing (Not less than 10/20 in the better ear for conversational tones without a hearing aid)  Drug Use (addiction of any kind disqualifies).